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9 July, 2008

Note to those who can't access this

Hmm.  Slight flaw in that premise.

Anyway; either yesterday's monthly 'Second Tuesday' Windows Update or an undeclared update to Zonealarm meant that the latter suddenly blocked all downloads via my internet connection last night – downloads such as web pages and e-mails. I was connected, but cut-off.

If you're in the same situation (maybe your home PC is, and you're reading this at work), drop Zonealarm's default 'Internet Zone Security' by one notch, and you should be active again.

I haven't had an opportunity to investigate further yet, but the next stage might be to download a new firewall, as one shouldn't operate at this reduced level of defence routinely.

[Update 14/07/08: Zonealarm issued a critical update today, which solves the problem.]

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