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23 June, 2008

Inscrutable audibles

I'm torn.  Fovea Hex's 'Neither Speak Nor Remain Silent' is one of my favourite albums (actually a trilogy of EPs), particularly the closing third, 'Allure' (highly recommended).  I also kind of like Andrew Liles' remix of Bass Communion's 'Ghosts On Magnetic Tape'.  So 'Gone Every Evening', by Andrew Liles and Fovea Hex should be a safe purchase, right?

The problem is the description of contributions by Laura Sheeran ("tortured and semi-hysterical vocals") and Michael Begg ("inscrutable audibles"). Okay, by many people's standards, I enjoy odd music*, but this might be pushing it....

**** it; it's only £2.50.

*: I promise there's no pretention in that – I listen to 'odd music' because I genuinely like it, never merely to be "more obscure than thou".

[Update 12:24: 'Every Evening' is excellent; easily worth £2.50 alone. Most of 'Gone' is good too, but I don't expect to want to hear Fabrizio Palumbo's spoken lyrics often, and as expected, Laura Sheeran's "tortured and semi-hysterical vocals" (only lasting a few seconds at the end) don't do much for me.

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