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1 July, 2008


The deaths of 23 dolphins in Cornwall a couple of weeks ago was unfortunate, but also somewhat disproportionate: why did that event receive major media coverage, whilst human hardship goes unreported?

Zinnia proposes one very credible explanation:

I do wonder why we seem to find it so much easier to help animals than to help people. Perhaps because it IS easier: animals don't talk back, so can be anthropomorphised into grateful recipients of our attentions, while humans are vocal, opinionated and not always suitably grateful for the charity they receive. We don't give freely, we give to get, and animals can almost always be relied on to provide the cute, liquid-eyed, heart-melting feel-good factor that charitable donors want in exchange for their money. Humans, on the other handů need I say more?
Follow that link for more, and for more links.

Here are a few of my own: which classes of charities I support, the non-existence of true selflessness, and one of my pet dislikes (no pun intended): slacktivism.

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