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10 June, 2008

The duck refused medical treatment

Apparently, a regular feature on the US 'Tonight Show with Jay Leno' TV, er, show is viewer submissions of bizarre newspaper cuttings.  The first few in this archive of examples from 2006 (I think) were amusing, but by page four or five of the fourteen pages, I was crying with laughter.

Unfortunately, the archive seems to be hosted in an undergraduate student's University-provided webspace, which will probably expire eventually, so if you see a cutting (or twenty) you like, right-click and 'Save Image As'.

My favourite:

A man who spent 13 years in prison for a death authorities had attributed to a blow from a whiskey bottle has been freed, after new evidence suggested the victim was hit by a motor home instead.
Or perhaps:
Thanks to my dentist, I'm wearing my favorite jeans again.

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