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8 June, 2008


Okay; who's been rubbing raw chili into my shoulders?

It can't be sunburn – I haven't experienced that since I was a child – but after x miles* and three days of cycling mainly only in shorts and boots, I suppose I have to acknowledge at least the possibility. The decider is whether I end up sleeping in the shower tonight. How can my shoulders store so much heat?

At least my T-shirt negative tan (blue-white torso, brown arms) has vanished, and the sun seems to have cauterised today's numerous hawthorn gouges & nettle weals. But that's something for a different posting.

*: Probably not very many miles, in fact; can't be much more than a hundred. That's nothing compared to the person I met at Lancaster station this morning, who'd cycled from Bournemouth and was heading on from Barrow to "the top" of Scotland. Freak. I mean: who goes to Barrow?

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