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30 May, 2008

Here come the big boys

A council somewhere in southern England has had the odd idea of displacing loitering teenagers from a park by making the layout less attractive – making steps shallower to discourage their use as seats and removing handrails to discourage leaning – thereby probably exposing the council to health & safety complaints, never mind blatent discrimination.

The part which amused me wasn't the issue itself, but the comments thread on the local newspaper's article. Residents, councillors and teenagers had been gently bickering in an entirely predictable manner for a fortnight until the story reached the attention of BoingBoing's global audience today, at which point the quality of articulate argument suddenly went stratospheric, transferring to an entirely different league of discourse (and spelling). Hilarious.

Aw, ****....
Just before publishing this, I refreshed the paper's 'comments' page to read the latest wonderfully cutting contributions, and discovered that the most recent 11 comments have been deleted. Despite the page featuring the usual array of 'Share This' social networking links, it seems non-locals aren't allowed to play.

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