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15 May, 2008

Feeling uneasy... very quickly

I installed my new broadband modem and service before work this morning, and it worked perfectly.  That can't be right; computers just don't do that.

Yes, I've finally switched from dialup. With unlimited access to better-than-broadband (the UK academic network) at work and a web-orientated job, I've found little need or inclination to make extensive use of the internet from home, so a basic dialup connection has always been adequate. However, 'necessary' downloads are getting bigger, to the point where I can't practically update my firewall, antivirus protection, iTunes or even Windows itself; it's not always even possible to download updates at work then take them home on a USB drive.

Another reason for delay has been that without actively seeking discomfort or asceticism, I'm naturally inclined to disdain empty luxury or mere convenience: I haven't needed broadband, so I haven't wanted it. Yet it'd be foolish to deny that I'm paid fairly well, with fewer expenses than most (I'm a non-smoking non-drinker with no car) and I value time far more than money, so I think I can justify spending an extra £8 per month....

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