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14 May, 2008

Bookmarks obsolete?

According to Lifehacker:

In the age of social bookmarking and blogs, old fashioned browser bookmarks are teetering on the edge of obsolete. When you can save a bookmark at, say,, tag it, and have it accessible from any computer, storing a link in your browser seems almost archaic.

Maybe for specialists and the self-proclaimed 'blogerati', but back in the real world: rubbish. Even in Lifehacker's own poll, the current results show that 74% of respondents still make extensive use of browser bookmarks.

I have a pool of less than ten links I visit frequently so have bookmarked both at work and at home. Beyond those, I wouldn't want one unified set of bookmarks. I may need to visit other universities' websites for work, but I have no interest in doing so in my own time. Conversely, I wouldn't want my private browsing activities to appear on my work PC, not because they're illicit (though I wouldn't like to argue the 'NSFW' status of one or two) but simply because they're private.

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