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13 May, 2008

Play nicely: IE & SP3 precedence

Just in case anyone still hasn't 'upgraded' to Internet Explorer 7, or, more importantly, those who have but are considering reverting to IE6, be aware that installing WinXP Service Pack 3 with IE7 already installed prevents subsequent removal of IE7.  If SP3 is installed before IE7, the latter remains removable.


  • If you don't already have IE7, install SP3 first.
  • If you have IE7 and doubts about whether to keep it, uninstall it (with the obvious consequences for customised features), install SP3 then reinstall IE7.
  • If you've already installed SP3 after IE7, it is possible to uninstall both then reinstall SP3, but that could be onerous.
Needless to say, the same applies to those experimenting with IE8 Beta 1 (Why? Don't answer that.): you won't be able to remove it (readily) if it goes on before SP3. Since you might need to uninstall the IE8 beta to install the final IE8 (I don't know whther that's the case), it might be worth temporarily uninstalling the beta now.

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