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26 April, 2008

Walk: Seathwaite Fells, Cumbria

Classing this as a 'walk' might be a slight overstatement, as our route barely covered five kilometres, with a lengthy interlude in a pub, and two-thirds of the accompanying photos were taken from the campsite.

We were in the Lake District (specifically, Seathwaite in the Duddon Valley, on the western side of the Coniston Fells) to celebrate J's birthday. I hadn't realised when we were planning the trip that I'd been there twice before, staying in the same campsite, Turner Hall Farm. Similarly, it wasn't until we'd started a walk that I realised I'd followed those footpaths before too, and remembered the route clearly (and remembered it as rough, soggy terrain).

The idea had been to walk to the western end of Seathwaite Tarn then clockwise around the lake, perhaps returning via the high ridge of Dow Crag, Buck Pike and Brown Pike if we were feeling ambitious. However, the cloud base had been very low all day and intermittent rain became steadier as we walked, so an alternative, low-level route was considered – and promptly rejected in turn, so we simply followed minor roads back to Seathwaite village and the Newfield Inn to dry off.

Having said that, I enjoyed the weekend tremendously – in hindsight – and some of the photos are quite atmospheric, if slightly murky: Lakeland scenery can be spectacular even as isolated glimpses between rain clouds.

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