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9 May, 2008

Far too old to rock/n'roll

The current Jethro Tull tour commemorates forty years of performing under that name.  Ian Anderson's last birthday was his sixtieth.  Their musical arrangements and album release schedule are correspondingly sedate, so I lost interest in their contemporary output about a decade ago.  However, ongoing fans have been kind enough to inform me about setlists for the Tull Tour History, occasionally including comments about the shows.

I'm afraid I found one slightly depressing:

I was happy for the early nostalgia of the first few songs and they sounded fresh. A New Day Yesterday sounded particularly great and a few people stood up at the end incl myself (had to do it in 2 stages mind..ah the advancing years of the ageing Tull fan) Thought maybe Tull fans should push each other from behind like a Geriatric Mexican Shove?!
If people still find that stimulating, I'm genuinely pleased for them, but it's really not my thing.


I am genuinely grateful you continue to maintain the tour history, particularly as the current state of the band is not your thing.

Much has been written about how different people are attracted to different things in Tull music. This is VERY true. Myself, I'm 39 years old and have been a fan since I heard "Songs From The Wood" at age ten. I don't really like 99% of rock bands out there, and what attracts me to Tull are the folk/acoustic/world music aspects, although I enjoy most of their output. Still, if the electric guitar disappeared tomorrow I would not miss it as long as the flute, mandolins, etc. were still there. Musically, today's Tull is on the exact path I want them to be on ...although a new album would be nice!

Different strokes, as they say. I can't wait to see the group again when it comes to America this summer. Thank you again for maintaining the tour history. I enjoy it and you do a great service for the fans.

Posted by David at May 9, 2008 01:47 PM

I'm a long time Tull fan, having seen them over 320 times since my first show in early 1969. While I agree that the current Tull barely resembles the original, I have gotten past that and look at it like an evening with a familiar old
friend. One that you've known forever who tells the same old stories and jokes but is somehow still comforting.....

The really sad commentary is that they are STILL better and more entertaining than 90% of what passes for touring acts these days.

Posted by showtaper at May 11, 2008 11:18 PM
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