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6 May, 2008

Cycle ride: Lancaster University-Galgate-Glasson-Lancaster

The sunny evening was far too good to waste, so I decided to cycle home from work via the Glasson Branch canal and Glasson Dock.

Again, the precise route is less relevant than the photos, but in short I cycled from the University to Galgate, along the branch canal to Glasson, wandered around the village then returned to Lancaster along Ashton Road (the A588).

Somehow that took 1 hour 45', (though the bike was stationary for 37 minutes) and involved a minor altercation with a distinctly non-mute swan (if you don't like people passing, don't nest there). I travelled 18.6 km (11.6 miles) at an average of 16 km/h (10.1 mph), peaking at 36 km/h (22.5 mph). If it matters.

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