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2 May, 2008

Cycle ride: Lancaster University-Quernmore-Lancaster

I planned to take advantage of the good weather by following a long route home from work: via Littledale and Caton, in fact, which would be something like five times the usual distance.

I started by heading towards Galgate – the absolute opposite direction from Caton – in order to go around the worst of the steep-sided ridge bordering the Conder Valley. Kit Brow Lane is a good compromise between steep ascents and an excessively circuitous route (I could have cycled via Five Lane Ends and avoided almost all hills, but that'd mean going most of the way to Dolphinholme!).
That led to Long Lane and a gentle, bluebell-lined road to Quernmore, where I stopped to take a couple of photos of the busting metropolis: yes, the post office and the parish noticeboard.

Luckily, I made a further photostop at the end of Rigg Lane, as I wouldn't have been pleased to climb the steep Littledale road then discover that my camera batteries and the spares had failed. Instead, I dropped back to Stock-a-Bank and straight back to Lancaster. I'm sure I'll try the upland road to Caton again soon.

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