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3 May, 2008

Random queries no. 139

One of a series of genuine search engine enquiries which successfully brought visitors to the Ministry.  Can I help?

stick puncture repair outfit on boot predator

At first glance, I thought this was a typically odd random query – yes, puncture repair kits can be used to fix items other than bicycle tyre inner tubes (a fact which once left me stranded...), but boots? Predator?

Then I dimly remembered that 'Predator' is a variety of football boot (see, I can do popular culture) and discovered online that the distinguishing feature, apart from kangaroo leather, is rubber pads/strips at strategic points on the kicking surface.
I'd guess that patches from a puncture repair kit could be used to cover worn pads on boots, and the kit's rubber cement could attach the patches if there's enough left of the underlying pad – remember the cement only bonds rubber to rubber, not rubber to other materials, such as kangaroo leather.
However, I understand the dimpled surface texture of the pads is significant, and patches mightn't replicate that.

Nice lateral thinking, though.

Incidentally, the Ministry is currently the no.1 result for this search term at Google, the result of matching individual words from the, er, 'Random Queries' archive index page.

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