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23 April, 2008

Loaded gift

H. was kind enough to send me a book token to celebrate La Diada de Sant Jordi today.  Unfortunately, I think (it's in Polish) it's only redeemable in one bookshop, in Ul. Wołoska, Warszawa.  I wonder where H. wants us to spend my next holiday....

It may seem odd that people who don't celebrate christmas (together, anyway) or Valentine's Day, and who would find the suggestion of celebrating an English national day laughable, do participate in the Catalan dia del llibre. I don't see a contradiction – it's the social ubiquity that's so objectionable about the other festivals (and I don't give a **** about England), and I think it's fine for people to acknowledge an arbitrary event of their own choosing, with personal rather than cultural associations.

[False(ish) alarm: the address is simply that of H's local bookshop, and the token is valid in other shops.
In Poland.]

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