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16 April, 2008

Spots of rain

When leaving the house for a bike ride, or even to pop to Sainsbury's, it can be useful to know the location of the nearest rainclouds – not a weather forecast but information of where it's raining at that particular moment.

At work, I have unofficial access to decent-resolution research radar data unavailable to the public (sorry) but I've discovered that the Met Office offers a low-res (5 km) version for the entire UK, updated half-hourly, I think. One can zoom into regions, though the resolution doesn't improve.


this is great but i am concerned that for the entire time since you've posted this, it's been apparently chucking down in the ocean. it must be getting really waterlogged there by now.

Posted by Saltation at April 17, 2008 10:32 PM
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