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31 July, 2008

Refuse (in multiple senses)

Trying to reuse plastic carrier bags can be annoying, as they're too easily torn¹.  Amanda L at Etsy explains a simple technique for turning the flimsy bags into more robust sheets of plastic which might be used to make items from shower curtains to cushion covers (or, indeed, better shopping bags): fuse multiple bags with an iron.

Envirohippies might like to remember that heating an iron and releasing toxic fumes probably wouldn't suit their morals as much as reusing the unmodified carrier bags until they fall apart then simply throwing them away, but I see greater potential in making an attractive material than in 'doing the right thing': adding value rather than making something righteous. Commenters at Etsy suggest interweaving strips of different-coloured bags before fusing, or incorporating leaves, feathers, etc. between the layers.

[Via Lifehacker.]

1: That said, the ones I use occasionally² display the logos of Sainsbury's christmas season 2005.

2: I do my usual weekly shopping by bike and rucksack, but every 4-6 weeks A&A are kind enough to give me a lift so I can obtain bulkier er, bulk packs of, say, 18 toilet rolls or 48-72 cans of Coke in 2-3 boxes. I do that week's ordinary groceries shopping at the same time, obviously, so take carrier bags.

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