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27 June, 2005

Fortress Bailrigg (again)

We're locked-down again.  All but one access route to University House (central admin) is locked, and that one side door is blocked, no, hidden by two bouncers in Uni. Security uniforms.  Apparently, several people are cycling to the G8 Summit in Edinburgh, and passing Lancaster today; there's a presumption that they may call in on the way, as an ongoing response to the University's prosecution of other protesters.
A 6'1" bearded man with a ponytail, wearing sunglasses, shorts, a 'Firefox' T-shirt and dayglo cycle jacket was obviously stopped attempting to get into the building.  Unfortunately, that was me; the duty porter had to vouch for me.

As I've been writing, the cyclists have arrived. They seem to have done a circuit of the northern perimeter road, dithered aimlessly in Alex Square (outside Uni. House) then regrouped at the hitching post, back on the perimeter road. I'd say there are about twenty of them, with an impressively powerful and clear bike-trailer-mounted sound system; if I pause 'OK Computer' on my mp3 player, I can hear every word of... 'Hail To The Thief'. '2+2=5' as protest song? Whatever.

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