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9 April, 2008

Green hijack

"This year's theme for the Staff Learning at Work Day is 'Sustainable Workplaces'"

We have a 'Staff Learning at Work Day'? How jolly!
It's 'themed'? Fancy dress, too?
The theme is 'sustainability'? Oh, **** off.

Yes, I'm far, far too busy to publicise this non-event on the corporate website. Besides, it's not in my remit. What a shame.

Seriously: I don't know why this 'inclusivity' rubbish infuriates me, but it does.
I come to work, do the job I'm paid to, then go home. I don't give a flying **** about the workplace or community of colleagues.

I wonder whether I can book County South quad for a tyre fire party that afternoon....

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