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5 April, 2008

Guardian now Phorm-free

A major resource for the exchange of information to combat Phorm web traffic tracking and analysis has been the Guardian's comments pages, so it's somewhat... odd that the newspaper itself used Phorm's services.  No longer.  As The Register reports, the Grauniad has become the first 'commercial partner' to dump Phorm.

With opposition from such web dignitaries as Sir Tim Berners-Lee, a legal challenge by Fipr and revelations that Phorm has already been covertly tracking BT customers, let's hope the message gets through that this form of ad-targetting is simply, beyond negotiation, unacceptable, especially from a (ex?)spyware company.

Consent for Phorm (or similar trackers) to track the Ministry's visitors is explicitly withheld.
A simple technique for client-side blocking of Phorm's tracking is described here.


on a vaguely related note, did you know that VirginMedia is currently scanning all its subscribers' traffic at a packet level and rejecting all outgoing connection attempts which are from Mac OS X unless it is 10.4.* or 10.5.*?

so the last fully functional mac os x (panther) is unable to use VirginMedia's broadband.

amusingly, you can still connect with Mac OS 9. the idiots were so idiotic they did a simple text pattern match on "Mac OS X".

Posted by Saltation at April 8, 2008 11:53 PM
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