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21 March, 2008


If I hadn't discovered this via Bad Science's MiniBlog, I'd have presumed it to be a hoax (or maybe it is and I'm too tired to spot Ben G's humour): software which, it's claimed, can edit individual notes within chords in audio recordings.  That's impossible, isn't it?

Suggested applications include tuning a guitar or correcting out-of-tune harmony vocals – after recording.

Perhaps not a technology for live-music purists or opponents of manufactured pop, but still, a remarkable development.


That's *very* impressive indeed! It was only a matter of time though.

Definitely not a hoax, Celemony are one of the big two companies producing pitch correction software (the other being Antares) that is often heard abusing some poor vocal in a crappy top 40 hit.

Posted by danbee at March 22, 2008 08:09 PM
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