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8 March, 2008

No judgement implied

I'm sure there are atheists who'll gleefully jump on this theory as vindication, and theists who'll attack it as blasphemy, but I was fascinated to read the idea that certain 'supernatural' elements of the Moses story may have been the result of psychedelic drugs.

My own view, as an atheist who's happy to accept that others choose to believe otherwise (so long as they don't impose those beliefs on me), is that the bible is just a good story, no more or less true than Classical Greek mythology. However, it's interesting that it mightn't be entirely fictional, instead being one group's interpretation of or projection onto historical facts.

[Via The Guardian, though that article is needlessly flippant.]



I can only shake my head in despair. How easy we are to forget ....

Once you would not have sent any message without invoking Hermes and now .. now .. alas .. all of us are treated with disrespect..

We are not fictional. not at all. Take care !!!!

Posted by Medusa at March 10, 2008 01:11 PM
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