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3 March, 2008

Corporate rates

A campus-wide power cut today meant that my scheduled three-hour meeting about CRM (i.e. rather reliant on the availability of a networked PC and projection facilities) was moved to a nearby hotel.  I hadn't had an opportunity to grab any lunch, as the lack of electricity had also closed all the shops on campus, so my boss was kind enough to buy me a sandwich from the bar.

Six pounds fifty. For a ham sandwich. Admittedly, that'd normally be served with chips & salad, but we'd declined them and expected a more... realistic price.

I'm in the wrong business.


You certainly are in the wrong business if they make you go to three-hour meetings on 'customer relationship management!" Yikes!

Posted by Jon. at March 3, 2008 09:21 PM

We'll use the system to manage the student applications and alumni relations processes rather than for more usual sales purposes, tracking individuals from initial enquiry to, in theory, death notice, and in my case, to provide targetted web content. Powerful stuff.

You can imagine my (inward) reaction to the salesman's enthusiasm about what he can do with a National Insurance number, UCAS admissions data, student records and careers information I don't think he appreciated my questions about opt-outs.

Posted by NRT at March 4, 2008 08:23 PM
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