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27 February, 2008


A word so obvious it ought to exist, 'keming' describes the result of improper kerning.

[From ironicsans.corn, er, .com]



I loathe that sort of thing -- the result of the status-needy designers conforming to faux-elitist norms in order to display their skillful conformity to peer-aesthetics, regardless --or more commonly dismissive-- of the consequences of their choices for the actual real-life users of their output. "skip intro...", anyone? Mac OS X anyone?

Typography and Typesetting is a classic example. And the level of bullshht here is truly staggering. Absolutely spot-on is the review by a designer of the world's only typographer/typesetter-led research testing the usefulness of standard design "rules": "the only ... book i ever threw out in a fit of rage".

For another example you might like, google "French Spacing" and hit a few of the lower-down entries for the (recently) standard definition: double-spacing sentences.
Then hit the wikipedia entry for what I wrote to correct it.

Posted by Saltation at March 3, 2008 09:45 PM
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