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26 February, 2008

Hide that blimp!

I missed a meeting this morning, instead atttending one which compressed four days of work¹ into two hours².

However, I did receive the 'handout' from the first meeting, a 30-page document "to which [one of the Pro-Vice-Chancellors] spoke".  A fifty-something professor lecturing an inanimate object.  Yep; pretty normal for a university.

Rather more alarming was the statement that our "undergraduates are inflated", affecting "the proportion of our students showing".

1: Of me struggling alone.
2: Of me nodding and smiling whilst the work was done for me – mildly embarrassing but THANK YOU, J!


i quite like the idea of inflating students inflating students' figures but not student figures.

(word games R us)

(and i DO like a good R us)

Posted by Saltation at February 26, 2008 10:57 PM
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