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19 February, 2008

Careful nomenclature

Lancaster University's nearest HE-sector neighbours are the University of Central Lancashire¹ in Preston and the University of Cumbria² in Carlisle and, er, Lancaster.

The University of Central Lancashire is commonly known as, even marketed as, 'UCLan'.  However, I really, really must stop thinking of the University of Cumbria with the same sort of abbreviation.  I must not blurt it out in a meeting....

1: Ex-Lancashire Polytechnic, ex-Preston Polytechnic, ex-Harris College, ex-Harris Institute, ex-'The Institution For The Diffusion Of Useful Knowledge'. I love that last one.

2: Ex-S.Martin's College, an associated institution of Lancaster University (i.e. graduates of S.Martin's received Lancaster University degrees) until August 2007. If nothing else, the name change resolved the particularly tricky matter of the College's plural possessive: was it S.Martin's' ?

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