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15 February, 2008

Lost sale

As the department's designated 'techie' (a very relative term - real techies would find my level of knowledge laughable), I've been asked to advise on ordering a new PC for a colleague.

I selected a computer from our designated supplier's website and customised the specifications, but we needed to obtain the precise HE-sector price from customer services. That's been a laborious process, featuring unreturned calls, misdirected e-mails and over a week of delays. It's as if the company doesn't want our money. If I'd been buying for myself, I'd have gone elsewhere days ago – it's simply not good enough.

Finally! A quote has arrived this afternoon. It's 'For the Attention of: Dept of Biological Sciences' (er, no, we're in Central Admin) and is addressed to 'Dear Goods In'. It's the personal touch that makes all the difference.
Should we choose to confirm the order, the PC will be delivered to the Dept. of Management Science (they'll be pleased) in the Engineering Building (though Man-Sci isn't in Engineering).

All of which has prompted me to investigate whether we really do have to buy from a 'designated supplier'.

And we don't.

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