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6 February, 2008

Pacific Codex out!

'Pacific Codex', the long-awaited new album from Bass Communion is now available for pre-order from Headphone Dust*.  Despatch will be on or about 11 February.

For those unfamiliar with Bass Communion, the music is dark ambient: primarily drones overlaid by instrumental samples distorted beyond recognition. On this occasion, the single 40-minute piece is "based entirely on processed and layered recordings of metal sculptures and gongs, creating complex waves of deep subharmonic sound". Carl Glover (cover designer) described it as "a soundtrack for a slowly sinking battleship making it's way down the Mariana Trench, whilst experiencing impossible levels of pressure on it's disintegrating hull."

Then again, those unfamiliar with BC are unlikely to spend £18 to investigate the project. That's pricey for a 40-min album, but as I've mentioned in previous entries, 'Pacific Codex' is the most lavish BC release yet (not that that's particularly important to me) containing a stereo CD, 5.1 surround sound DVD-A and 36-page booklet in hand-numbered, hand-assembled packaging.

Then again again, I kind of hope no-one buys it just on the off-chance that he/she might like it, as there will only be 975 copies worldwide, and there are more than 975 existing hardcore BC fans!

If you do want to try something else by Bass Communion, I can recommend 'Bass Communion I' (or 'Bass Communion II' if you can find it). Headphone Dust also offers the 20-min 'Droneworks 6' (under the title 'Dronework', for some reason) for a mere £5, so that might be a cheap sample.

*: Those in the USA may prefer to order from Equation Records.

[Update 12/02/08: Equation's allocation has sold out.]
[Update 19/02/08: Headphone Dust's allocation has sold out. That's all, folks.]

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