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10 July, 2007

All change

My bike has been ill for a while, badly worn gears slipping whenever I put even moderate pressure through the cranks.  This has been particularly annoying when the chain has jumped from the top chainring to the middle ring at speed, requiring me to stop and relocate it by hand or keep going with my little legs moving in a blur.

I priced repairs a few days ago and was alarmed to discover I'd need to replace pretty much everything in the drive system: chain, rings, front & rear derailleurs and freewheel. The combined cost (over a third of the initial purchase price) settled an issue I'd been prevaricating about: whether to sink more money into this bike or upgrade to a totally new one.

I'll probably comment on the new one (a Specialized Globe Comp IG8, with an eight-speed hub gear system rather than derailleur gears) once I've ridden it for a few weeks [update 05/02/08: have done], but this entry is to mark the transition, and to record Bikey's final mileage.
Unfortunately, I'd already had the bike for a couple of years when A&A gave me my first bike computer, but before that point I'd only really used it for routine commuting, ~7 miles per working day, so the majority of my riding has been logged. Since 1 February, 2003, I've travelled 10,138.4 miles (16,316.2 km), in motion for 412¼ hours.

Bikey is dead (not really – it's still a rideable spare bike); long live Bikey!

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