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1 February, 2008

Not just a name

I was surprised to discover that unlike Coca Cola, which hasn't literally contained cocaine since 1929, the traditional diarrhoea remedy Kaolin & Morphine really does contain morphine, the Class A narcotic.

0.0092% doesn't sound like much, but it's sufficient for it to be an 'under-the-counter' product and for the chemist to record my name and address before selling it to me.
Kaolin – china clay – accounts for a massive 20% of the formulation, alongside other oddly antiquated ingredients (some a little startling): purified water, sodium bicarbonate, sucrose, chloroform, 96% ethanol (0.45 vol %), black treacle, liquorice extract, ether, peppermint oil.

However, the really startling discovery that when vomited back after ~90 minutes, the chalky white liquid had turned greenish-black. Just what I needed to see at a vulnerable moment.

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