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30 January, 2008

System crash

That was a little scary.

This morning was entirely usual: I woke at the normal time, ate my normal breakfast and cycled to work as normal. Bright sunlight on my office window made the room unseasonably hot by mid-morning, to the point of being slightly nauseating and ruining any appetite for lunch, which I forced down anyway.

By 14:00 I felt extraordinarily tired, with an annoying headache. I went for a walk to wake up, but as soon as I left the building, I felt astonishingly cold – my fingers even went numb, as if I'd been out for hours. I got as far as the College office before slumping into an armchair, shivering and still very drowsy. After recovering, I went back to work via a more indoor route.
The same pattern repeated itself at 15:00; I needed to talk to the Press Office staff, so wandered across to clear my head (still aching) rather than just pick up the phone. Again, once there I collapsed into a chair, bitterly cold and unable to concentrate.

I gave in to the inevitable at 16:00 and cycled home (perhaps itself an indication of impaired judgement) wrapped in my spare fleece, jacket, dayglo overjacket, scarf and gloves, deliberately riding slowly as I doubted my reaction times and spatial awareness. By 16:30 I was home and in bed with a couple of paracetamol tablets, unable to do more than blink slowly as I watched the last of the daylight oddly pulsing on the bedroom ceiling.

The next I knew was when the alarm clock (which I don't remember setting) woke me at 18:00. H. thinks I must have passed out, and that I should see a doctor immediately, but the odd thing is that I feel absolutely fine now, as if nothing whatsoever had happened.

[Update 01/02/08: False alarm, or rather, false all-clear. By 02:00 I was incapacitated with burning fever and diarrhoea for 24 hours (and counting, though the severity has receded drastically). Apparently there's been an epidemic of norovirus (viral gastroenteritis) this winter; I must have been unlucky.]

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