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9 March, 2008

Wondering which of the buggers to blame

It's always slightly puzzled me that so many Pink Floyd fans¹ cite 'Animals' as their favourite album, since it does so little for me; apart from the Syd-era psychedelia, it's my least favourite by far.

I used to wonder whether I was missing something. Its themes are dark, but I normally like dark. It's generally misanthropic, but so am I, occasionally.

I briefly blamed its wordiness² for slowing the pace. On paper, there don't seem to be many lyrics, but they take the form of dense blocks of text better suited to careful consideration as prose. I presumed the repetitiveness of the music was an unfortunate consequence: that musicians had to repeat bars simply in order to accommodate so many words.
Yet on hearing it again today, I realised that's inaccurate: there are long instrumental-passages too, and they're no less ponderous. Well-played, no doubt, but lacking in creativity. If someone felt inclined to re-edit the main tracks to 60-70% of their published running times (10, 11 and 17 minutes), I'd probably be more interested.

The conclusion is the obvious one: it's just ****ing boring.

1: As opposed to the multitude who only own 'Dark Side Of The Moon' and 'The Wall'. There's nothing remotely wrong with that, of course, but I'm referring to those people who have heard the entire catalogue.

2: Dogs, sheep and pigs, satisfying metaphors for about a minute, become irritating when stretched for a further forty.

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