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17 January, 2008

Don't call me...

Since – well, I don't know, really; some time whilst I was away in late December – my home phone has been receiving more-or-less daily calls, all from the same number, all during office hours (when, by definition, I'm unavailable).  None have bothered to leave a message, so I'm damned if I'm going to ring back.

However, after the ~10th instance, I became vaguely curious, so I used a utility others might wish to bookmark. is a clearing house: post an unrecognised number to see comments from those who have encountered it before.

In my case, the caller is the retentions department of the electricity supplier I'm in the process of leaving. It seems the department has a habit of dialing several numbers and speaking to whichever recipient answers first – others report hearing general office sounds and a female voice talking to someone else. Contemptuous and contemptable.

Of course, an even simpler technique is to just type the phone number into Google; in fact, that's how I found

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