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16 January, 2008

Random queries no. 131

One of a series of genuine search engine enquiries which successfully brought visitors to the Ministry.  Can I help?

13:12:03:  who was the album cover designer for fugazi
13:12:18:  who was the album cover designer for fugazi
13:13:39:  who was the designer for the album he knows you know for marillion
13:14:17:  album cover designers marillion
13:14:33:  album cover art marillion

Okay, okay!
All of Marillion's releases in the Fish era (1982-1988) featured covers by Mark Wilkinson. Following the split, Wilkinson designed covers for Fish's solo releases (1989-date) whilst Marillion have worked with Carl Glover.

'He Knows You Know' was the second single from the band's debut album, 'Script for a Jester's Tear', but not itself an album.

Nice to see you abandoned the natural language ("who", "was" and "the" are irrelevant to the query) and over-specific search terms in favour of more generic terms expressed solely as keywords. Good practice.

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