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10 January, 2008

Useful to know

According to

Amazon has a hidden price promise that if you buy something and it drops in price within 30 days you can get the difference back. That means if you did any christmas shopping there; you should check if the price has dropped in the sales, and if it has – claim the money back.

Naturally, Amazon doesn't volunteer the refund, but one can readily log in and view recent orders, checking the prices paid then clicking on item names to view their current listings.

A few clarifications:

  • The policy is based on prices changing within 30 days of the despatch date, not the order date.
  • This only applies to orders directly from Amazon, not third-party sellers.
  • The 'Post-order Price Guarantee' policy is stated on the Amazon US site, but I can't find it on the UK site. Numerous commenters on the article report that Amazon UK have honoured the policy, but one, 21 hours after the story broke yesterday, apparently received an e-mail denying that Amazon has a '30 day money back guarantee' (which is true – this could have just been a poorly-worded refund request).
Worth trying, and not only for christmas shopping.

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