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30 December, 2007

Top 250, IV

In February 2004, I participated in the top 250 films meme, which involved copying the list of the IMDB's top 250 films (as voted by users) and highlighting those I'd actually seen.  Almost two years later, I repeated the exercise in December 2005, and again last December.  Time to do so again.  Note that the top 250 changes rapidly and the following list is today's (30/12/07), quite different to those used before.

The list

In Feb. '04, I'd seen 102 of that 250, 109 of the updated list in 2005 and 129 of the 2006 list last December. At the end of 2007, it's 165/250 (66%), which can be divided as 90 from the top 100 and 75 from the remaining 150. That's quite a jump, but as I mentioned last time, I'd deliberately added as many of my omissions from the 2006 top hundred to my Amazon DVD Rental queue as were available. Most of the remaining omissions are still in the queue, yet to be despatched, but I've also added several from the new 101-250 range.

As one would expect, the lower rankings are more volatile than the 'core' top 100 which changes little year-to-year. It was particularly noticable that most of the new entries in the 101-75 range this year were 2007 releases, which might drop as initial enthusiasm wanes.
Using the 2004-2006 lists, I've now seen 87 (34 more), 89 (30 more) and 92 (21 more) of their top 100s, but 85 (31 more), 82 (33 more) and 77 (19 more) of their lower ranges; overall, that's 172/250, 171/250 and 169/250 respectively.

I'm a little uneasy about this exercise as renting films I don't expect to enjoy, simply to tick them off a list, would be pointless, trainspotter-type completism. Yet it's about enjoying films and broadening my knowledge, which has certainly succeeded. The extra prompt of films being on a 'hit list' has meant I've seen some good films I'd already planned to see but hadn't 'got round to', some I hadn't even heard of, and yes, some I enjoyed despite negative expectations. There have also been some I haven't enjoyed, but surprisingly few.

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