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23 December, 2007

We're SO sorry

Why, when informing passengers that a train will arrive at Warrington Bank Quay station twelve minutes late, does the pre-recorded voice sound like it's sorrowfully announcing the death of a puppy?
They ought to watch that – such concentrated insincerity will corrode the PA system.

And why is the message "I am sorry for the delay." – how can announcement-synthesis software express its own regret? Surely that should be "We regret..." i.e. a corporate statement.
Presumably there's a reason for it – a focus group decision, perhaps?


The announcer at Birmingham New Street is like that - 'I'm sorry for the delay this will cause to your journey'. No, you're not sorry, you're an emotionless computer that probably doesn't care less that the 12:37 to Lichfield Trent Valley has just been cancelled.

The announcer at Leeds is better - '[Insert company here] apologies for the delay'.

Posted by Neil T. at December 23, 2007 08:14 PM
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