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19 December, 2007

Doing so well...

I'm still listening to 'back-issues' of the 'The Rogues' Gallery', the 'prog'-orientated podcast (I think there's another 42 hours in the archive), and finding that several tracks are pretty good.  Compelling rhythm, meaty guitars, nice keyboard textures, and then:

I am painting all your flowers,
I'm the shadow of your dream
Who changed your opium to money
Shiva calls your name
Argh! Prog pretension strikes yet again!

I really wish that example was an oddity, but band after band alienates me within the first few lines. With the exception of a couple of bands, lyrics aren't especially important to me, but those of these second-division prog bands really are obtrusively dreadful; I can't avoid listening and cringing.


I can't agree more. In this case it's RPWL doing the crooning. I like their music, but this song usually gets the skip button in response. Even seeing them written down, I still don't understand what he's saying.

Posted by capndad at January 12, 2008 04:44 PM
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