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17 December, 2007

Spot the decade

Isn't it odd how 'girlie' calendars went out of fashion (political correctness gone... entirely reasonable, actually) then, following the WI's effort dramatised as 'Calendar Girls', have gradually returned?  At first they were 'ironic', but some of the more recent ones I've heard about haven't even tried to disguise their nature.

Last week the local free newspaper reported (with a double-page feature, naturally) that Morecambe pubs have collaborated in a charity calendar depicting (near-)nude barmaids: not the, er, more mature ladies participating for a joke, nor male bar staff, but only nubile teens/twenties. There's a fine line between 'a bit of harmless fun' and offensive lechery – this instance seemed a little too close to tacky titilation.

Another was reported by the Guardian* : an airline has produced a calendar depicting air hostesses doing airline-y things (funny; I hadn't realised cabin staff wash or repair planes) whilst just happening to be wearing bikinis. For some reason, a Spanish consumer group has complained about sexualised stereotyping and objectification, attracting a spectacular rebuttal from the airline:

"We are just protecting women's rights to take their clothes off"
Ohhhh... that's quite alright, then. I do apologise for doubting the airline's courageous and principled stand on female emancipation.

*: Actually Reuters, but I don't know whether their articles are permanently archived.

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