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12 December, 2007

I already know I have brown eyes

For $985 (about £5), deCODEme will analyse a sample of your genetic material, "scanning over one million variants in your genome" to ungrammatically establish your "risk for" eighteen genetic diseases and "find out where your ancestors came from".

I've no idea whether this is really backed by valid science, but what's it for?
Amusement? Kind of pricey.
Diagnosis? It seems a bit spurious, really – even if it did identify a risk, what could one do about a genetic predisposition to, say, psoriasis? At best it could identify those in greatest need of clinical screening for, say, breast or prostate cancer, but that should happen anyway, and this just feels like exploitation of hypochondriacs.

Via User Friendly 'Link Of The Day'.

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