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10 December, 2007

Keep still, damn you!

I have two e-mail signatures set up in my work account.  One, designated 'Office', is simply my job title and postal address (omitting my phone number) and is used for ~80% of messages.  The other, 'Forwarding' is a covering note I attach when, yes, forwarding e-mails sent to me as 'webmaster' but more appropriately handled by other staff.

In MS Outlook, I attach signatures via 'Insert'>'Signature'>'Office' (or 'Forwarding'). Or rather, I click on the fourth menu from the left, the last item on the dropdown and the first item in the list of available signatures, all without really reading the titles.

The problem is MS Office's 'helpfulness': the first signature listed is the most recently used. It's a trivial point, but I think the interface would be so much improved if it didn't do that, instead always presenting the options in the same order (alphabetical would be fine) so that I could rely on remembering the position of an item in the list without having to read it.

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