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27 November, 2007

Cultural guerrillas cleared

The UnterGunther, a branch of the group loosely coordinating Paris' subterranean culture (including the aforementioned underground cinema), specialises in restoration of unregarded aspects of France's urban heritage.  In 2005-6, they covertly occupied space high in the dome of the Panthéon, with the subversive purpose of... repairing the clock.

Unfortunately, the governing Centre des Monuments Nationaux was less than appreciative, taking legal action against the UnterGunther members. That action failed last week, and the story has emerged. You might like to read both of these articles (even if the latter is from The Times* ), as they cover more than just this action.

*: Not the 'London Times', as BoingBoing cites it, but 'The Times'.

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