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20 November, 2007

Hoard unearthed

Here's a diverting article about 1p and 2p coins, and the vague suggestion that they may be phased out.

It's timely for me, as the demijohn jar I've been using as a repository for small change was finally filled a couple of months ago, and I've started to empty and bag its contents to pay the coins into my bank. I've accumulated 3 in coppers just as overspill onto my bedside table – I haven't even started on the jar itself.


As someone who used to work in a bureau de change I've always wondered how the abolish coppers crowd would run that business (or indeed Western Union) without them. eg 400 USD @ 2.02 = 198.02 ..... I guess just round to 198.05 but I don't find it particularly satisfactory.

Posted by Jan B at November 21, 2007 05:58 PM
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