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19 November, 2007

A true manager

This morning, I woke instantly, from fast asleep to rigidly anxious in an almost audible rush of adrenaline.

All weekend I've been worrying about my next project at work, which magnified the usual Monday morning less-than-eagerness-to-go-to-work. It was a horrible sensation which I thankfully experience rarely nowadays, but it was (literally) a wake-up call: the only way to eliminate the feeling is to face the task.

The problem is that it's slightly beyond my current technical knowledge (I think – I don't even entirely understand what's involved) yet rather important. A good analogy would be to have to learn a whole new language, with a speech to a multinational audience (of potential customers) being one's very first rehearsal.

The rest of the day actually went quite well: I engineered three impromptu meetings about the issue, with a fourth tomorrow, and secured a fallback position: implement someone else's attempt at the same task, though at a larger level, if the more ambitious plan stalls.

Here's the point of the title: my technical knowledge increased infinitessimally today, and I'm still concerned, but now several other people have to be concerned too.

Sorry, folks. ;)

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