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16 November, 2007

Not crate

Over three weekends, the individual offices on my corridor are being vacated in preparation for building work (we 'decant'* across campus for about a year, then return to an open-plan layout).  The contents are being placed in plastic crates for a removal firm to transfer, as Health & Safety regulations prevent us moving anything ourselves.

I couldn't help noticing that the end wall of each rectangular crate is printed with a square marked 'LABEL' i.e. a preferred location in which to attach a label indicating its destination. Presumably, this is to assist the removals staff, who presumably stack the crates in their van in such a way that the end walls are readily visible.
Yet no-one, not one person, has actually used that designated space – all crates are neatly labelled, but on the long side wall, or on top.

I wonder who's at fault. Is it the office staff for not paying attention? Or could it be that the crate markings themselves are poorly designed, failing to convey their message?

*: Yes, 'decant' is the officially documented term.


You have to decant? Oh, pour you. It sounds like the situation is pretty fluid right now, but don't wine too much!

Posted by Jon. at November 16, 2007 06:00 PM
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