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8 November, 2007

The Man sticks it back

I noticed a few days ago that the entire Radiohead back catalogue is about to be reissued in three 'bundles': a 7-album CD box set, a 7-album download of 320 kbps .mp3s, and a novelty USB stick containing the seven albums in full-resolution .wav format.

However, I hadn't realised that these releases are scheduled for the same day as the 'In Rainbows' box set, and are alleged to be a spoiler tactic by the band's old label, Parlophone, which had been expecting to handle the 'In Rainbows' release.

Interesting. At first glance, the 'Radiohead Store' website seems to be from the band themselves, with their name in a previously-used font, the bear logo and a characteristic colour scheme, but on reflection, the site is too obvious and openly commercial for Radiohead: if it looks like a Radiohead website, it can't be a Radiohead website. There's also a telling statement that:

On the 10th December EMI/Parlophone are releasing a limited edition box set collection of all Radiohead's albums from 1993-2003.
Rather than "On the 10th December Radiohead are releasing..."; according to the Guardian, the band were informed about the release – 'informed' not 'consulted', nor, for that matter, 'pleased'.

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