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17 November, 2007

Not what it's for

Am I the only one who finds this depressing?  Weapons, from pistols and grenades, through machine guns to rocket launchers, for LEGO minifigs.

I've never had much sympathy with the concept of childhood innocence being sacred and to be preserved against the real world. Conversely, I don't really like to see weapons as toys, and somehow I'm disappointed to see LEGO militarised. I don't think I'm merely being politically correct, but LEGO isn't about trivialising/glorifying killing.
A LEGO minifig displaying SS insignia feels particularly wrong, and I rather recoil from the heavily-armed jihadist* .

Having said all that, the accessories don't seem to be marketed towards children, and the custom minifig pages suggest that they're primarily intended for display rather than play, but still....

[Via Irregular Webcomic!.]

*: Oops. Not a MI5-approved term, for fairly good reasons.


I only find it as depressing as action man figures. In fact, I think action man dolls are probably aimed at a younger audience then lego is because lego requires quite fine motor abilities.

But I wouldn't worry anyway, that website is obviously targeted at teenagers or young adults. No parent is going to buy lego bricks at a dollar a piece.

Posted by AKALucifer at November 18, 2007 09:19 PM
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