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1 November, 2007

Face fits

Lifehacker slightly mistakenly reports that:

Firefox 3 will see an interface refresh complete with tighter integration with the operating system that's running it, meaning it'll look more like IE7 on Windows and Safari on the Mac.

That sentence was doing so well until the final clause: Mozilla's intention is to integrate the look & feel with the OS 'house styles', not to replicate specific browsers.

Still, why would I wish Fx to look like a native WinXP application? I hope the announcement merely refers to the default theme (which probably would be useful for easing the transition for new Fx adopters), and that custom themes can still completely overwrite the default interface.

Incidentally, I use and recommend Orbit Grey Custom. Which, also incidentally, I was startled to subsequently discover is remarkably similar to the iPod Classic's on-screen iconography.


It's to satisfy all the anal Mac users that complain that Firefox doesn't fit with the OS.

It does a good job at the moment but it's a compromise between looking like it sits well on the OS and retaining a consistent look across all platforms. The idea is to make it look like a native application for each OS it runs on. So it'll look more like IE7 on Vista and Safari on OS X, but that's more co-incidental than a deliberate attempt.

And yes, you will still be able to change themes, although they will need to be made compatible with Firefox 3. I'm using a nightly build of Firefox 3 right now.

Posted by Neil T. at November 2, 2007 07:09 PM
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