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29 October, 2007

A comma would help

I've often wondered: when the text on a pot of cottage cheese instructs one to 'stir well before serving', does that mean 'it is necessary stir the cheese well (i.e. thoroughly), at an unspecified time before serving', or 'if you choose to stir the cheese, do so well before (i.e. an extended time interval) it's needed, then let it settle before serving'.

It seems obvious that one would wish to mix the settled-out solid and liquid components immediately before serving, but I always have a nagging doubt that I'm missing something....


i love stuff like that. and i always think the same thing when i see that, or "shake well before pouring" -- "awww, it's all separated out again by now"

my favourite is "firemen's reel". i'm a sucker for countryside traditions.

Posted by Saltation at October 31, 2007 09:42 PM
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