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11 October, 2007

Play-doh ad

Anyone who, like me, loved the 'bouncing balls' and 'paint fireworks' adverts for a certain television manufacturer might be interested in the new one*, which features 200 multi-coloured rabbits in Manhattan.

Continuing the 'surely-it's-cgi-actually-it's-not' trend, the advert was achieved using stop-motion animation and 2.5 tonnes of plasticine. Wonderful.

It may be worth mentioning that there's a plagiarism allegation: compare the advert to this image by Dan and Kozue Kitchens. Credit where it's due, eh?

*: Link is to the highest-res version of the ad that I've been able to find, on the client company's own website. However, that link is likely to be lost in future updates, so you might like to try this version at Gizmodo; I presume their permalink will be more stable.

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